Welcome to Mt Pleasant Baptist Church where Redeeming Love is practiced, nourished, and thriving.  Mt Pleasant began as a dream for new settlers to meet and worship together.  Our land deed dates back to Oklahoma Teritory.  What began as a dream morphed into a reality.  Our mission is still to provide a place for like minded believers to meet and worship the one true God. We have taken the words from the old hymn as our motto: Redeeming Love has Been My Theme and Shall be Till I Die!  

What to expect on a typical Sunday morning 

Sunday School Begins at 10 am. We have a youth girls class, a youth boys class, an adult, a preschool, and middle school class.  People come dressed in T-shirts and jeans, to slacks or dresses. Service begins at 11 am.  We worship with 4-5 songs (some hymns and some contemporary) and scripture reading.  Our pastor then leads us through an expositional sermon that lasts around 30 minutes.  Nursery is offered for children ages four and under, as a church we highly value family and want you to feel free to keep your children in service with you.